"Shadows are just as important as the light. Without shadows, an image has no drama."

River Petein – Australian Photographer based in Brisbane

I came into this vocation quite late in my professional career. After studying jazz saxophone at the Queensland Conservatorium I enjoyed performing many styles of music throughout the globe, but once my children were born, late night performances became tedious as school lunches still had to be prepared no matter what time the gig finished.

While working as a delivery driver for an established Queensland fashion label, an opportunity came up to help out with a fashion shoot for their website look book. Their regular photographer had just moved interstate to pursue great things. I had dabbled with photography when my children were young and thought I had an OK eye, even though I didn’t understand the technical aspects of the craft. I (over)confidently took the job. Within 20 minutes of the shoot the designer asked me to finish up and go home as the images were not up to the standard they expected. I was devastated to hear that they needed to fly the original photographer up from Sydney to reshoot and had to rebook the model and MUA. 

Although that was one of the worst experiences I had faced, it lit something inside me, a burning desire to learn and excel at this craft.

That fire still burns to this day and shows no sign of being quenched.

"The thing I love most about this journey is the opportunity to connect with people."

I am available to come and shoot your special events, fashion look books, product images, gigs, head shots or family portraits. 

I offer packages to suit all budgets and can bring my portable studio set up to you.

Let’s create something beautiful.


Phone 0421 870 804